The world is her oyster

She reflected back onto the days when she was a young girl. She hadn’t known anything, she hadn’t known the world was her oyster.

All she had was a dream, and she knew it like the back of her hand. She knew that she had a gift; but we all know that a gift is meaningless without practice to turn it into a skill.

She dreamt she would become a writer, she also dreamt she would become a traveller. How about combining both, she wondered- perhaps she could write about her travels! Would anyone read her writing? Well, why not, she could be engaging, she was sure she had it in her!

Somewhere along the way, she was told by the grown-ups that she hadn’t a clue what she would be getting herself into; who even wrote and published anymore in this digital day and age? She wishes now that she knew then just how wrong they were, and she wishes she had paid them no heed.

But she hadn’t known anything, she hadn’t known the world was her oyster.

She gave up on her dreams, and did as she was told. She got herself an education in a field so interesting, but she was not inspired. How do you get passionate about something that does not inspire you? Something that does not make you want to jump out of bed every morning and venture out into the world because there is so much to be learned from experiencing our common backyard, the World?

For years she dragged on, doing this and that, dabbling in this field then that, telling herself that what was once her biggest motivation was merely a phase of life. A seventeen year old knowing what she truly desired? Hah, what a joke.

She would ask herself, what good is a young girl’s ambition if it doesn’t involve owning a mansion or a walk-in wardrobe? How about a car, and while we’re there, let’s add a chunky bank account to the list of needs!

She still didn’t know anything, she still didn’t know the world could be her oyster.

Some years on, she started getting restless. She looked around herself and looked for inspiration. She saw many who pursued lives carved out for them by others, she also saw many who threw caution to the wind and did exactly what they wanted. And she saw the pride with which they carried themselves for following the path less taken, the journey of following dreams and true inspiration, and in that pride she saw the effect of absolute faith in one’s determination.

She wondered if it was too late to start speaking to her seventeen year old self; to dig deep and rekindle the passion she once had for her dreams. She found out it was never too late- that young girl was still within!

Now she’s older, and she has seen more of the world. She doesn’t know everything, yet she knows the world can be her oyster.

She has much work to do; she knew when she was a young girl that practice turns a common talent into a skill, but along the way of pursuing the path set out for her by another, her gift had grown rusty.

Now she’s aware, and she knows the only thing that has the power to stop a person who has her heart set on a dream is the person herself.

It’s time to put pen to paper, and begin the journey towards fulfilment.

The world is her oyster, she knows she will be unstoppable. She has the power to be unstoppable.


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